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Young Edison's Invention

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Young Edison's Dreams of Opulence!

In 1906 Thomas Edison Snr. increased young Edison junior  pocket money to $50 in return for his son to stop using the eminent Edison name altogether, in an endeavour to control the freak nature of Junior. Thomas Edison Snr., required his son to sign conformity papers for each weekly allowance payment. Thomas Junior for a number of years lived under nom de plumes, calling himself Burton Willard or Thomas Willard! Thomas Edison Snr., tried in every way he possible could to help his young son out of his notorieties maladroitly! Tom Edison senior set his son up on a mushroom farm in New Jersey, where young Thomas Junior was living with his second wife Beatrice!



Unfortunately, setting up young Tom Ed Junior in business came to no avail for a man who's life had already seen his worst years in the doldrums of destruction, who had hopelessly lost his place in the social order of life. Thomas Edison Jnr sank to an all time low as he got deeper and deeper into the indulgence of alcoholism, that caused him ill health that left him in a melancholy state! Thomas Edison Jnr however, did not give up on his dreams of opulence, and great aspirations of becoming a great instigator just like his illustrious dad was!

Young Thomas Edison's Ecometer

Thomas Edison Jnr ambition was to create an improved automobile carburettor through the indulgence of family friend Henry Ford he'd worked on this invention whenever he was not addicted. Henry Ford was hoping he could overcome his drinking habits and the depressions he suffered. Henry Ford was probable seeking for a miracle to happened where Thomas Edison Jnr was concerned. Sadly, no miracles took place because young Thomas could not keep away from the booze, as can been infer from the many letters Thomas Junior's ever sympathetic and loyal wife wrote to Henry Ford! "The young Thomas Edison had suffered most preposterously with his head almost the entire week in which  he spent most his this time on the couch! he sobs by the hour, and he is so depressed!" Young Thomas Edison Jnr took over seven years to complete his own invention! Young Thomas invention was not as it was propose to be! Thomas Alva Edison Jnr had christened his invention: "Ecometer!"

Invention Rejected By Henry Ford!

The Ecometer was for the life family friend of Thomas Alva Edison Snr to test! Henry Ford instructed his engineers to test the Thomas Edison Junior's invention; the "Ecometer!" Regrettably, the results were not too heartening for young Thomas Edison Junior! Henry Ford was deeply disappointed and with great heartbreaking despondency he had no choice but reject young, Junior invention! Henry Ford was

deeply disappointed and with great heartbreaking sadness in his heart, found himself in the most awkward of position rejecting young Thomas Edison Junior's invention of the Ecometer, which was rather distressing for Junior! During his mid 20s he tried to salvage his wasted life! Charles Edison his brother managed to get him a droning repetitive position in the Edison's laboratory! After their father's death in 1931! Charles promoted his brother Thomas Jnr to a position of some affluence, and at the same time appointing him to the board of directors within the various Edison's industries! At last Thomas Alva Edison Junior had achieved some kind of eminence about himself with the assistance of his brother! 




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