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Tomas Alba: Born In Lagos de Moreno

But over in Mexico there's a legend that states: "Tomas Alba" was born in Lagos de Moreno, and then he taken to the U.S. as a pubescent embracing him into the Edison family! The chronicle whether true or false, bears witness at least to the intercontinental reverence of the most prolific inventor for all to enjoy even in this day of the 21stcentury! Which country would not declare Thomas Alva Edison as a citizen? A man that was born in the year of 1847, when Michael Faraday had virtually invented alternating current passing through a magnet with coiled of wire! Edison died in 1931 at the age of 84! The whole world today is operating industries on power plants fashioned after Edison's own designs!



Reading books, journals and tabloids under light bulbs of one of Thomas Edison's many discoveries. The Edison's narrative does not end here as during his lifetime he invented the motograph and automatic telegraph systems such as the quadruplex, sextuplex and multiplex telegraph. Also invented paraffin paper the electric pen, the forerunner of the present day mimeograph machine, the carbon rheostat and the microtasimeter!

The Edison Effect!

He also invented the carbon telephone transmitter button, which finally made telephony a commercial success! This invention not only lead to development of the microphone, that made early radio possible, the solid state diode or what is commonly called transistor that made so many of today's electronic devices possible! He invented sockets, switches, insulating tape, and gummed paper tapes! Edison went on to create the first electric motor ever made for a 110 to 120 volt line! Designed and contracted for the first three wire central stations for distributing electric light, power, and heat! Discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that later came to be known as the "Edison Effect!" He called it: "The Etheric Force!" Determined by an independent wire grid or a plate placed between the legs of the filament of an incandescent lamp which acted as a damper or valve to control the flow of current!

 Radio, Television and Computer Transistors

Later to be recognised as electric waves in free space that became the foundation of wireless telegraphy! Along with Thomas Edison's carbon button initiated the foundation principles upon which the diode was later invented, and upon which radio, television and, computer transistors are based through the foresights of our beloved Thomas Alva Edison a man who in his lifetime was an inventor of 

beggaring imagery! Edison was undeniably the most supreme inventor ever lived that walk on the face of this earth. Thomas Edison collection of papers preserved and stored in the library of the Edison's National Historic Site. Thomas Edison's sixty odd year career as developer, scientist, discoverer, inventor, architect, producer, industrialist and entrepreneur depicts the absolute gigantic size of the documents have discouraged investigators to delve at length into its richness of invincible resources. Thomas Edison was indeed a workaholic, several sensitive microfilm and book editions of Thomas Edison have been published. The name of the great man Thomas Alva Edison will live on until eternity! 




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