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The Ukrainian City of Odessa!

In 1847 the year Nancy Elliott Edison gave birth to her son Thomas Alva, a total of 917,800 bushels of wheat were shipped from this port, making it the second largest wheat shipping port in the world at that time after the Ukrainian city of Odessa. At this time, Milan also became a shipbuilding centre, producing 75 lake schooners in 1847! The year 1850 saw the introduction of the railroads and the consequential  changes in the transportation system brought an end to the town's great prosperity. The canal and the shipyard were eventually abandoned and the warehouses disappeared! Milan's "golden age", which had lasted only about ten years, was over! Though shipments of grain continued until 1865!



The records shows that the lot on which this house stands was bought in 1841 by Nancy Elliott Edison. mother of Thomas Alva Edison. Samuel Edison, designed and built a home for himself and the family during the fall of the same year. Thomas was born in the house on the 11th February 1847. Edison's parents lived in the house for 7 years, eventually selling it  in 1854 to reside in Port Huron, Michigan!

Edison Birthplace Museum!

Thomas Edison's Birthplace was out of family ownership for the next forty years, then in1894, Thomas Edison's sister, Marion Edison Page, bought the house, added a bathroom and other modern conveniences. Edison became the owner of his birthplace in 1906, and, on his last visit, in 1923, Edison was shocked to find his old home aluminised by lamps and candles! After the death of Thomas Edison, birthplace was opened the public as a memorial and museum that became the private project of his wife, Mina Miller Edison, and their daughter, Mrs. John Eyre Sloane. The Edison Birthplace Museum opened on the centennial of the inventor's birth in 1947. The house was refurbish and re-establish to virtually its former glory of 19th Century appearance by replacing much of the Edison's furniture that was lost. Most of the Edison's original furniture had been lost in transit and to a ruinous fire at their Port Huron home!

Thomas Edison Port Huron School!

It was indeed, quite impossible to recover all of the Edison's family original furniture! Therefore, gifts and loans from members of the family was supplemented and in most cases, purchases of household articles of that era was not easy to acquire. However, Thomas Edison in his lifetime, profoundly affected the technological effects of modern day society! Tommy  Edison was the seventh and last child

of Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliot Edison! When Thomas Edison was 7 years old, his family moved to Port Huron, Michigan, after his father was hi on as a carpenter at the Fort Gratiot military post. Thomas Edison entered school at Port Huron, but his teachers considered him to be dreary and an uninteresting student. Due his hearing problems caused by the conductor who pulled up the young Thomas Edison onto the train by his ear while he was running to catch the train. This incident affected his hearing which made it difficult for him to follow the lessons and which eventually lead to poor school attendance. Those impediments did not dissuade the determination of Thomas Edison!




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