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Thomas Edison's life time achievements he had patent a total of 1093 of his inventions The author pays homage to Thomas Edison by portraying his life and experiences within this Edison biography of the great man! Even in our modern day, he is still revered to as the greatest American inventor ever lived, and even though so much has already been written about him. The following pages are design to bring you the reader face to face with Edison that will enable you the reader to glance glance through the pages of Thomas Alva Edison Biography and learn of his interesting childhood and a youthful period of time marked by his capacity for doing things, and by his insatiable thirst for knowledge, accompany him into the great inventive stretch of the many years during his lifetime in which he has done so much!



Thomas Edison was undeniably the most supreme inventor of all. The Thomas Edison collection of papers preserved and stored in the library of Edison's National Historic Site. Thomas Edison's sixty odd year career as scientist, discoverer, inventor, architect, chemist, capitalist and entrepreneur. The absolute gargantuan size of Edison's documents, in point of fact, discouraged investigators and other examiners to delve into his notes at length to decipher its incredible richness of resources!

West Orange Laboratory!

Thomas Edison was indeed a conscientious work fanatic, There are sensitive micro-film and book editions of Thomas Edison that have been published. The filings of data on microfilm is equivalent to an outsized structural embodiment of data files full of resourceful information of how the records of Thomas Edison laboratories and companies were coordinate over the years during Thomas Edison lifetime and how the archivists assigned to protect and treated them. The Edison's notebooks are not all about experiments. Thomas Edison earlier books contained accounting records, experimental and financial material chaotically muddled together in one notebook. Edison had once quoted to his helpers: "Be courageous! Whatever setbacks America has encountered, it has always emerged as a stronger and more prosperous nation!" The telegraphy, upon which Thomas Alva Edison was to leave a strong and  permanent indentation on the facet of the American public at large!

Harvard University

Not only the American public but also the rest of the world and even in this of our  time in the 21st century millennium. Then in 1847 Russia also began her awesome march eastward into Central Asia, just as France was solidifying her first gains on the littoral of northern Africa. In England the ferocious commitment to Chartist associations and their heartless public speaking as to the rights of mankind was

sobering down and was passing away pervasively into numerous practical schemes for social and political amelioration, constituting in their entirety a most profound change throughout every part of the national life. Within a score of years telegraph wires cove the whole occupied country with a network, and the first great electrical industry was with prominent success, yielding to its pioneers the first great harvest of electrical fortunes. It had been a cutting riposte for bare existence, during which such a man as the founder of Harvard University would be happy to get breakfast in New York with a quarter of a dollar in New York on Broadway!




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