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Thomas Edison and World War One

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Naval Research Laboratories!

The American Government was quite pleased with the way Thomas Edison came to their rescue during the war years that they placed an enormous bronze head honouring Thomas Edison the inventor as the founder of the Naval Research Laboratories was unveiled on the 3rd of December 1952 on the mall at the Anacostia and Maryland, Laboratories! Thomas Edison not only summoned the leading scientists of the land, but he also made himself available to the government, facilities of his laboratory! Much of the consulting board's efforts was focused on the perils of the German submarines!



Thomas Edison's inventions and ideas such as devises and methods were given to the Navy for detecting submarines by sound, for perceiving enemy planes, and locating gun positions by range sounding, improved torpedoes, a high speed signalling shutter for searchlights and even underwater searchlights! These along with many other devices and formulas of important magnitude came out of Thomas Edison's laboratory! Although Edison had gone past age of 70 years and the war had ended!

Detecting Submarines By Sound!

Thomas Edison thoughts were still focused on scientific and industrial progress as he remarked; "there would be time enough to think of taking it easy when I reach 100!" "My desire of this period of my life is to do everything within my power to further free the people from drudgery, and to create the largest possible measure of happiness and prosperity for all!" Between the years of 1917 to 1918 Thomas Edison invented, developed and worked on special experiments for the defense of the United States Government providing them with: *1. Locating positions of guns by sound ranging! *2. Detecting submarines by sound from moving vessels! *3. Detecting, on moving vessels, the discharge of torpedoes by submarines! *4. The faster turning of ships! *5. Strategic plans for saving cargo boats from harm by enemy submarines!

Periscopes In Silhouette!

*5. Strategic plans for saving cargo boats from harm by enemy submarines! *6. Development of collision mats for submarines and ships! *7. Methods for guiding merchant ships out of mined harbours! *8. Oleum cloud shells! *9. Camouflaging ships. *10. Blocking torpedoes with nets! *11. Increased power for torpedoes! *12. Coastal patrol by submarine buoys! *13. Destroying periscopes with machine guns! *14. Cartridges for taking soundings! *15. Sailing lights for convoys! *16. Smudging the

skyline! *17. Underwater searchlights! *18. High speed signalling with searchlights! *19 Water penetrating projectiles! *20. Airplane detection. *21. Observing periscopes in silhouette! Not only was Thomas Edison instrumental in helping America during world war one, Edison also created the Telescribe, combining the telephone and the dictating phonograph, thus enabling for the first time the recording of the two-way telephone conversation! *11th February 1847 born at Milan, Ohio, son of Samuel and Nancy Elliott Edison! *1854 Edison family moved to Port Huron, Michigan! *1859 got a job as newsboy and candy butcher on the Grand Trunk Railway between Port Huron and Detroit!




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