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First Talking Moving Pictures!

The year of 1884 saw the death Thomas Edison's wife Mary. With the death of his first wife Thomas Edison was left with three young children to look after. Roughly about two years later  in 1886! Thomas Edison  was married to Mina Miller! Shortly, after his marriage Mina Miller be began construction on a new laboratory and research facility in West Orange, New Jersey. affected the shaping of modern society. Edison's new laboratory employed approximately 60 workers with him attempting to personally manage his large staff! The story goes that when a new employee once asked about rules, Thomas Edison would reply by stating: "There aren't no rules around here!" "We're just trying to accomplish something!"



However, the operation in West Orange lacked the intimacy of Menlo Park, and Thomas Edison's time was often consumed by administrative chores. During his time in West Orange, Edison produced the first commercial phonograph, the Kinetoscope, the Edison storage battery, the electric pen, the mimeograph, and the microtasimeter all in the course of the year 1913 also introduced the first talking moving pictures!

 Gasoline Powered Motor Vehicle Engine

Then came the middle of the year 1915, Thomas Edison was appointed president of the U.S. Navy Consulting Board. In all Thomas Edison profoundly patented 1093 of his inventions. Edison's inventions were often in response to demand for new or improved products. However, others came about out of pure catastrophe leading to other great inventions. Thomas Edison was also a good businessman, and not only a designer of important new devices. Thomas A. Edison created companies worldwide for the manufacture and sale of his inventions. Along with other manufacturing pioneers of his era, Thomas Edison helped to make the United States of America an engineering power. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford became friends after Edison encouraged Ford to use the gasoline powered engine for the automobile. Thomas Edison was a selfish individual and quite a ruthless businessman who fought ferociously to defeat his competitors in the battle of inventions!

Edison Discredits Nicola Tesla!

One of the most notorious examples of Thomas Edison's most competitive vigour were the lengths he went to discredit Nicola Tesla's development of the Alternating Current system, which is the system of  that being in use today all over! Edison had great faith in the advancement of industry, One of Thomas Edison's most famous philosophical expressions: "Genius was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!"

Thomas Edison believed that with his inventions of useful products offered everyone the opportunity for fame and fortune while benefiting the peoples of society he had accomplished something that was practical. Alexander Graham Bell and his cousin, Chichester Bell got together in competitive rivalry against Thomas Edison! The Bells were co-operating with instrument maker Charles Sumner Tainter set out to make a better version than Thomas Edison's phonograph player design! The new design was called the Graphophone and the main statistics was that their version gave a longer life to the recordings. Their design could simply be played more times than the Thomas Edison's tinfoil phonograph design!




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