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Powers of Attorney And Stock Certificates

Thomas Edison was incessantly establishing companies to construct and market his inventions, and the majority of the documents related to his business operations. Thomas Edison and his associates generated an extensive amount of official papers such as agreements, patent assignments, powers of attorney, stock certificates, mortgages, deeds, and insurance policies. Edison's companies also kept extensive financial records, including bound account books, draft account sheets and trial balances, bills and receipts, payroll and time records, and lists of tools and supplies!



At Edison's earlier manufacturing plant in Newark, a combination of different categories of accounts were often mixed in the same ledger, and some books even contained entries for several different companies. Finally, Thomas Edison decided to hire professional bookkeepers, to organised the accounting records. John Edison, great-grandfather of Thomas Edison, originally settled in New Jersey during the colonial era. In the 1730s, he farmed a large tract of land not far from West Orange, New Jersey!

 Family Fortunes Fluctuated

This is where Thomas Edison made his home some 160 years later. Family fortunes fluctuated with the politics of the times. Many well to do landowners, John Edison remained a loyalist during the revolution. Because of this, he was imprisoned and was, for a time, under sentence of execution but he was saved from this fate through the efforts of distinguished relationships. His domains were confiscated, however, the Edison family migrated to Nova Scotia. The Edisons family remained in Nova Scotia until 1811, they decided move to Vienna, Ontario. Thomas Edison's grandfather, Captain Samuel Edison, served with the British in the war of 1812. In Ontario, Edison's father, as well, named Samuel, met and married Nancy Elliott, a school teacher and daughter of Ebenezer Matthews Elliott, who was a captain in Washington's army. The younger Samuel became involved in another political struggle; a latter and unproductive Canadian revolt similar to that of the American insurgency.

Milan Ohio, Greatest Glory!

The American revolution was known as the Papineau-McKenzie Rebellion!  Failure of this insurgence, caused Samuel to take flight across the border to the United States of America. After insurmountable escapade, dangers and near destitution, Samuel Edison finally reached the town of Milan, Ohio, where he decided to settle! Then Samuel  Edison on being settled in Milan, Ohio, Samuel began set up a new,

business and very soon, he established himself as a manufacturer of roofing shingles/tiles, Sam eventually sent for Nancy and their five children to join him in Milan. When the Edison family arrived in town to join Samuel Edison in the autumn of 1840, Milan was entering the period of its greatest glory. Due to its location on the Huron River and the canal which was built to link Milan to the Great Lakes, the town gradually developed into a busy port for grains. All sorts of commodities from every point in the state were conveyed to Milan in long wagon trains, then loaded aboard ships from warehouses that lined the banks of the canal. Thus far one of those warehouses still stands today by the now abandoned canal basin!




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