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New York Times Tabloid!

Thomas Edison was approved copious amount of intercontinental garland and honorary doctoral degrees, including the American Parliamentary Honour Award. But, Thomas Alva Edison was never interested in honours or decoration medals. Edison quipped:" A bucket full of medals does not mean a thing." In 1922, when Thomas Edison was 75 years old when the New York Times Tabloid selected him as the greatest living American! The subsequent two speeches from important figures of  Thomas Edison's era! The bigwigs described him  as an individual person of high character and significant accomplishments that holds an enthrallment for all mankind!



It is figuratively accurate that the world will construct a heathen pathway of access to his door. Such persons are the leaders who by their example and their wisdom stimulate their fellow men to better things and are in the main, responsible for human progress. They are the pioneers in opening up new territory in our physical surroundings and in the province of thought!

Edison: A Genius And A Wizard!

Thomas Edison as the inventor and discoverer was not only opening paths to American territories but to other regions in the far reaching ends of this earth. The spokesperson went by stating; "we are pausing here tonight to pay our mark of respect of respect and reverence to such a figure. While he Thomas Edison is still with us, we in appreciation of what he has done to move forwards the cause of civilisation. The life of Thomas Alva Edison, master of applied science, has been represented as a romance. Edison has been called a genius and, a wizard! "While the set terms may well be used to describe his great abilities, yet this remarkably modest man has constantly refused to attribute such qualities to himself." Unquote. As a baby Edison had a strangely abnormal large head. Individuals were making derogatory comments about the size of his head claiming that he was suffering from an infirmity, they came to the conclusion of assuming that he would not live a long life!

Colossal Electrical Stereoscope!

One day, at his primary school of attendance, Thomas Edison overheard a teacher telling the visiting school inspector that he was a burden, and it would be advisable to expel him from the school. Thomas Edison went home and told his mother that he had overheard the teachers in discussion about him. Edison mother had no hesitation in removing tom from school! The said teacher was in for big surprise!

Thomas Edison was only in attendance at the school for less than five months when his mother became his teacher. Later on, in finding out that Thomas Edison had acquired great fame, his former headmaster from the primary school sent him a letter, asking for donation, along with the unpaid tuition fees. Edison sent a cheque for ($25) twenty five US dollars in return, to thank the headmaster for kicking him out of school! Year 1890! Thomas Edison gave a speech about his depictions for 100 years later. His speech included prophecy for cellulose, electric automobiles, solar power, prefabricated houses, cameras for internal organs, and a colossal electrical stereoscope. All of Edison depictions have since been realized!




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