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Edison Got His First Ice Skate!

The joys of Edison when got his first ice skates and when he rode on a steam engine train! While business was booming, the American political system had not quite caught up! The country was still run, in large measure, by smaller, less centralised states and local governments! Towards the end of the century, this began to change as it became clear that a new industrial order would require changes in the political system as well! Federal laws such as the Sherman Anti-trust Act 1890 made it clear that while capitalism might foster tremendous growth, it would not go unconstrained! The agitation of labour unions, as evidenced in events such as the Haymarket Riot of 1886!



 It was also made it clear that Americanised capitalism would be subjected to limitations! In the beginning of the twentieth century, new laws on child labour came to the fore, the ten hour per  working day later reduced to a eight hour day, placed restrictions on the magnanimous wealth of  the future Rockefellers and Carnegies. Under these circumstances, it was possible for inventors  and others to amass tremendous personal fortunes!

Single Minded Edison!

Inventors on the whole cumulate personal fortunes such as Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and Henry Ford did while they constructed their inventions to capture the eyes of the business man and the ordinary consumer. Because of this prospect, many of them invented only for the marketplace. Did this stifle some of the creativity, as former employees complained? Perhaps, but on the contrary, they made it possible for businesses, and consumers, to enjoy a range of products and services that revolutionised work and leisure. The Edison's business experiences begun at a ripe age that benefited him later in life. This allowed Thomas Edison time for one on one learning experiences. These early experiences made him a very creative and successful person; single mindedness and professionalisms  helped to make Edison a successful individual, this he learned as a child from his father Samuel  Edison never gave up!

Commercial Electric Power!

when a business venture fell apart  he wasn't afraid to take risks in order of reverberation! Sam Edison taught his son that it's okay to fail! That is why Thom Edison hardly ever got dispirited even if something didn't work out! He himself didn't invent everything on his own due to the fact that he was supported by a group of university educated buffs! In this way Thomas Edison used all his resources very astutely!

Thomas Edison was able to bring together a group of men collectively grouped together could come up with scores of creative ideas that Edison could put to use! And even though Thomas Edison himself wasn't educated in the classroom, he was in awareness of the American education system which was based on group interactions and therefore it came as no surprise to some that he had the ability to devise ideas that had commercial advantages! A little known but highly revealing visit to Manhattan by Thomas Edison's son Charles in 1958 helped set the historical record straight when he clearly stated that his father was aware of his ultimate vindication with the very first commercial electric power in Massachusetts!




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