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The American Economic Order

Thomas Edison came of age just as the American industrial order was burgeoning, and his lifetime coincides with the heyday of American big business. The latter half of the nineteenth century, when Edison was doing his greatest work, it was a time of incredible innovation on behalf of inventors nearly one million patents were registered with the United States Patent Office from 1870 through to1910. But perhaps the invention with the greatest effect on the American economic order was the invention of the modern corporation!




It is important to think about how America's chief business concerns of the time the dominance of the corporation, the robber barons, and questions of how unchecked capitalism were affecting labour and the poor affected innovation. In this world, inventions were useless if they did not make money, and Edison planned accordingly. Thomas Edison would never have invented a product if he did not believe there was a market for it!

Thomas Edison's Contributions!

This was the era of the telegraph and the railroad, of John D. Rockefeller's oil empire and Andrew Carnegie's steel industry. Transportation and communications made great leaps and bounds during this period. The transatlantic telegraph and the Suez Canal made the world much smaller than it had been in the past. And the rise of colonialism in Asia and Africa made it possible for Europe and America to fund all these costly ventures. Thomas Alva Edison was indeed America's greatest and most famous inventor who was issued 1,093 patents, more than any other person in U.S. history. Some of his inventions included the electric light bulb, storage battery, Kinetoscope, electric generator,  the steam locomotive engine, microphone, and what he called his baby "the phonograph." Edison also made substantial contributions to the telephone and telegraph. Thomas Edison's success stems from determination and hard grafting!

Grandfather of The Compact Disc!

Edison had only attended school for four months before his mother pulled him out! Therefore, his success was due the U. S. education system! Thomas Edison accomplishments can only be cited to his stern resourcefulness, work ethics, and his business ingenuity, which he learnt mostly through his early childhood and teenage years! Have you ever tried hatching an egg by sitting on it? The master Thomas 

Edison did! He was a young lad and he was very curious about the world around him! Born in a town near New York City, his family was not blessed with any great financial endowment, but they made a great effort to send young Thomas to school. The first school that he attended, young Thomas was expelled for asking too much questions! Thomas Edison again was also expelled from the other two schools attended. Why was expelled? Asking too many questions! Edison invented the phonograph which is the grandfather of the Compact Disc (CD). Within a couple of years later after seven attempts he created the incandescent light bulb. This motivating biography will make you feel better about yourself!




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