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Edison Invented The Phonograph!

1847: Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, to Samuel and Nancy Elliott Edison!
1854: The Edison family decided to moved to Port Huron, Michigan!
1855: Thomas Edison only attended school for three months!
1859: Began publishing and selling the Grand Trunk Herald between Port Huron and Detroit!
1863 Employed as a telegraph operator travelling through the South and Midwest!
1867: Thomas decided to returned to Port Huron!
1869: Patented his first invention  the Electrical Vote Recorder!
1874: Developed a quadruplex system which changed the telegraph industry!
1876: Established a laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey!
1876: Received patents for the mimeograph machine and electric pen



1877: Invented a carbon button transmitter, for use in the telephone, following up with a new!
1877: Invented the phonograph, which he believed to be his most original invention!
1878: Founded the Edison Electric Light Company!
1879: He moved to New York City and started manufacturing telegraph equipment!
1879: Invented the Universal Stock Ticker opens first factory and lab in Newark, N J.
1879: Married Mary Stilwell. Received a patent for paper ticker tape!
1879: Invented the first practical incandescent electric light bulb!
1880: Discovered the Edison Effect that eventually became the groundwork of electronics!
1881: Began mass production of light bulbs and electric parts!

Building Municipal Power Plants!

1882: Established the first commercial electric power plant!
1883: Edison Illuminating Company began building municipal power plants!
1884: Edison's first wife wife, Mary Stillwell, probably died of typhoid fever at the age 29!
1885: Received first patents on wireless telegraphy!
1886: Married Mina Miller who became his second wife!
1887: Moved into West Orange Laboratory!
1889: Consolidated all of his companies into the Edison General Electric Company!
1889: Invented the Kinetograph, forebear of today's motion picture camera!
1892: Edison General Electric Company merged with Thomson-Houston Company to become the General Electric Company! At this point, Edison sold his share of the electrical business!
1894: Introduced the Kinetoscope to the public by hosting the world's first commercial showing of a motion picture

Nickel-Iron-Alkaline Storage Batteries!

1896: Invented the fluoroscope! He did not patent it because of its usefulness in medicine!
1900: Invented the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery!
1900: Began construction of the Edison Cement Plant!
1902: Made improvements in cement so that it could be used in major construction!

1909: Perfected the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery!
1911: Formed Thomas A. Edison, Inc!
1912: Produced the first talking motion picture!
1915 Named President of the Naval Consulting Board!
1915: Produced several military related inventions during World War I none was patent!
1928: Received the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honour for career achievements!
1929: Celebrates invention of the incandescent light bulb on its 50th anniversary!
1931: Thomas Alva Edison died on the 18th of October aged 84!




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