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No Practical Gratifications!

The cause of Thomas Edison shunning dinner invitations was that due to the serious implications it brought upon his work rate, and because of the fact that he was hard of hearing. Some dinners he had to attended when he was short of excuses, but a man who ate little and heard less could derive no practical gratifications from them! Thomas Edison's gave his own commentary as  he exemplified that "George Washington Childs was incredibly keen that I should go down to Philadelphia to dine with him. I seldom ever went to dinnersHe insisted I should go, a special car would leave New York! The invite to dinner was for me to a meet Mr. Joseph Chamberlain!



We travelled in the private car of Mr. Roberts, who was the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad! We had one of those special kind of celebrated dinner feasts, only George Washington Childs himself could bequeath around the dinner table I heard speeches from Charles Francis Adams and from several other people, so many that I would be unable to remember all their names!

Fifteen Sioux Indians!

When I got back to the depot, Mr. Roberts was there waiting, he insisted on carrying my satchel for me. I never could understand why that man would never take no for an answer. I found the conception quite hard to empathize, but I never let it bothered me one least bit. Thomas Edison continuing with his humorous sentiments of incidents that took place. Among the more distinguished visitors of the electric lighting period was President Diaz, with whom Thomas Edison became quite intimate! "President Diaz, of Mexico, visited this the United States of America with Mrs. Diaz, a highly educated and beautiful woman. She spoke very good English indeed. Thomas Edison says: "Chief Sitting Bull and fifteen Sioux Indians came to Washington to see the Great Father, and then to New York, and they went to the Goerck Street works! We could make some very good pyrotechnics there, so we were determined to give the Indians quite a scare! But the idea didn't work!

Another Episode At Goerck Street!

We had like an arc in there of a most horrifying disposition, but they never bat an eye lid nor moved a muscle! Another episode at Goerck Street did not find the visitors quite so stoical! "In testing dynamos at Goerck Street we had a long flat belt running parallel with the floor about four inches above it, and travelling four thousand feet a minute!" One day the directors brought in three or four ladies to see the -

new electric lightening system which we had just finished setting up a few weeks before. One of the ladies had a cute little poodle being led by a string. The belt was running so smoothly and evenly, the poodle did not notice the difference between it and the floor, and the poodle somehow got into the belt, before we could do anything! The dog had twirled around about forty or fifty times, then to make matters worst, a little flat piece of leather came out and all the ladies fainted!" We had to keep a straight face during all the hullabaloo that took place! The French tried to put a sash on me, but I could not stand for that, I did not want to have been wearing a sash as I felt the Americans would make fun of me!




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