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Edison's Inventive Intellect!

Most readers are acquainted with the master inventor; the indomitable" Wizard of Menlo Park," Thomas Edison, who ranks amongst his peers as the supreme inventor ever in American history! Such everyday talk about stuff such as the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, the movie camera, and even the vacuum tube that later revolutionized as transistors that fostered into microchips, all owing their underpinning to Thomas Edison's inventive intellect! There is a huge amount of exposť about the great Thomas Edison! But what exactly do we know about Thomas Edison first born son? Thomas Alva Edison Jnr! Was he as famous as his eminent inventor father?  



He never pursued the trail of his illustrious  father as one would have thought. Instead, as a matter of fact, Thomas Edison junior anecdotes was one of cataclysmic endeavours. One could safely say that he was virtually anonymous cavity in the chronicles of history. Thomas Edison Junior was  indeed a kind of an immoral insubordinate. He could be described as quite an enigma at the most when you considered that his life was rather multifarious

Inventions Took Precedence Above Family!

Thomas Edison Jnr showed evidence of himself as that of a rather disturbed character. Authors was always clamouring around the great inventor, bend over backwards to tell the world about the great things his dad has achieved in his lifetime! They just ignored Junior and therefore, very little has been said or is known about Thomas Alva Edison Jnr! Scriptwriters were extremely hesitant to portray Thomas Edison Junior in any form or concepts! Why? After all he was Thomas Edison son, named after his father, surely Junior was worth a mention in their journals! But  to Thomas Alva Edison Snr., everything was second best to his inventions! His father's time was mostly spent in his laboratory on inventions and therefore, he  had no time to play the role of  a husband and a biological father's role!! Thomas Edison Snr., seldom saw his wife, and that was not all; he had very little contact with any of his children! His role as a father was marginal in their upbringing! Thomas Alva Edison Senor's fame as an inventor took precedence above his family in an inaccessible manner!

Lost The Comforts of A Mother's Love!

Edison's, fame as an inventor often took precedence ahead his biological family in an inaccessible manner! Thomas Alva! Edison Jnr was only a child of 8 years, when his mother Mary Stilwell the first wife of Thomas Edison Snr., died, which caused a set back in his early life that left him without the comforts of a mother's love! Even worst, his famous father did extra hours of working in his laboratory!

Young Thomas Edison Junior, hardly ever saw his illustrious father. His relationship with his father was rather distant and out of reach of fatherly advice. After young Thomas Edison Jnr mother died he had to depend on relatives his upbringing and spent most of his time at boarding school but was a pitiable student which did not help under the circumstances. When Thomas Edison married again and Junior was head over heels in love with his dad's new wife eventually developing a somewhat close convergence with his father's wife Mina Miller Edison. He was in his teens; she was just a few years older. His fervour for Mina may have not have been just the healthy admiration of a son to a mother!




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