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Electrical Vote Recorder

*1862 Printed and published a newspaper, "The Weekly Herald," on the train which was the first newspaper ever printed on a moving train! *1862 August: Saved the son of J.U. Mackenzie, Station Agent at Mt. Clemens, Michigan! from death and in gratitude the boy's father taught Thomas Edison telegraphy! *1863 Served a five year period as a telegraph operator in various cities of the Central Western States, always studying and experimenting to improve the machinery! *1868 The Electrical Vote Recorder!



Application for patent signed 11th October *1868 for his first invention. *1869 Landed in New York City, poor and in debt. Shortly afterwards, looking for work, was in operating room of the Gold Indicator Company when its apparatus broke down. No one but Thomas Edison could fix it and he was given a job as supervisor. October *1869 he created a partnership with Franklin L. Pope as electrical engineers. *1870 Received his first sum of money $40,000 for an invention paid to him by The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company for his stock ticker!

Western Union Telegraph Company

In that same year he opened a manufacturing shop in Newark where he made stock tickers and telegraph instruments! *1871 Assisted Christopher L. Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter, in making the first successful working model! *1872 Began a four-year period during which he conducted manufacturing of telegraph instruments for Western Union Telegraph Company and Automatic Telegraph Company! Thomas Edison had several shops during this time in Newark, New Jersey! Edison worked on and completed many inventions, including the motograph, automatic telegraph system, duplex, quadruplex, sextuplex and multiplex telegraph systems; also paraffin paper and the carbon rheostat! *22nd November 1875 Edison discovered a previously unknown and unique electrical phenomenon which he called Etheric force!

United States Patent Office!

Twelve years later, this phenomenon was recognised as being due to electric waves in free space! This discovery is the foundation of wireless telegraphy *17thMarch 1876 applied for patent on his invention of the "electric pen!" Patent was granted 8th August same year! Licenses covering the pen were later obtained by the Dick Company of Chicago, for the manufacture of the mimeograph! *April 1876 Alva

moved from Newark to his recently constructed laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey! This was the first laboratory for organised industrial research!  *27th April 1876 applied for patent on the carbon telephone transmitter which made telephony commercially practicable! This invention included the microphone which is used in radio broadcasting. 12th August *1877 invented the phonograph! Patent was issued by the United States Patent Office within two months after application without a single reference! *8th September 1878 accompanied by Professor George F. Barker and Professor Chandler, he visited William Wallace in Ansonia, Connecticut, where he became actively interested in the problem of electric lighting!




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