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Centralized Commercial Electricity!

Although his exact recorded words were; "it was here that his  father's first flawlessly modelled and  applied his innovative electrical power plant skills. Charles Edison could have added that it was here, too, where some of the world's greatest scientists some of whom had ruthlessly condemned his father's shortcomings with centralized commercial electricity in New York City and elsewhere first saw fit to unanimously express their unreserved congratulations to him for what he had finally accomplished and demonstrated here for the benefit of all of mankind!



One of the most unfortunate consequences of leaving the Massachusetts component out of the overall saga of electrical history is that it has tended to render Thomas Edison's image and character was far more vulnerable to critics than should be the case. For those who shrilly argue that great men such as Tesla and others were more responsible for influencing the design of our modern world than Thomas Edison was given cit for. Thomas Edison endured denigration from professors, and the clergymen during the Massachusetts electrical induction!

New England Village Centre!

Despite Tesla's and others great work with AC (alternate current), those great efforts remains less significant than what Thomas Edison did when he first introduced standardised, commercially and successful centralised power in Massachusetts, proving that electricity could be made available to all of mankind. Amongst the many reasons that caused Thomas Edison to chose Massachusetts as the ideal place to construct his first three-wire central electric plant was the fact that it featured a classic New England village centre, which was near Boston, and was one of the most progressive small town cities in the American nation. In adding to that, the price of gas lighting was relatively higher in Massachusetts than it was in most other constituencies all being considered. Thomas Edison's desire was to establish a plant here that took place in this city's newly constructed the Palmer that later became known as the Belmont hotel, the building that once stood on the south west corner of Main and Belmont Streets!

Public Relations Agent!

It contained 60 rooms with European style service and a spacious oak panelled dining antechamber. William L. Garrison, Jnr. son of the renowned anti-slavery leader who preached many times in Louisiana resided there while acting as Thomas Edison's Massachusetts public relations agent. Thomas Edison and several of the world famous complimentary silages, associates, competitors and who is who

London's Presley, Berlin's Siemens three-wire phase pioneers, and the Americans, Insull Thompson, Steiringer, Sprague, and others who roomed at the Palmer hotel during various stages of the construction and the testing of the new standardized operations.  On the 6th of February 1883, the Palmer Hotel was bustling energetically with enthusiastic interest due to the fact that Thomas Alva Edison had engaged a local technician, a tabloid personnel, and his confidante William Joseph  Jenks to act as  host to the gathering of the Manhattan manufacturers, merchants, and politicians for the purpose of  informing all those business moguls about the latest brainchild of  Thomas Edison! 




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