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Incandescent Electric Lighting!

Edison probably wanted any ensuing positive scientific spin to be associated with his overalled efforts on the bulb. As indicated earlier, many experts were suggesting that the whole idea of incandescent electric lighting was madness and that gas lighting would certainly prevailed finally . Thomas Edison also had to confront a number of challenges within Massachusetts itself some of which were giving a great deal of comfort to his bitter adversaries at the local gas utility! For example, ever since he had announced his breakthrough in developing the electric light bulb, gas securities had been falling in value!



Several high ranking members of the Massachusetts Gasoline Company who were smarting from their losses threatened to stop attending meetings at their lodges if their respective directors installed incandescent lighting. One of the most hilarious convulsions of this nerve racking epoch involved a prodigious looking broad shouldered sentinel who two months before the School Street plant was scheduled to open had  hurriedly scampered off his job and was never to be seen again in months!

Dangerous Coal Fired Boilers!

A former locomotive worker, he had  hi because he had steady nerves and supposedly felt no anxiety working in the region of the erratic and often dangerous coal fired boilers! In any event, it soon became evident that, although the missing plant warden had little fear of the plant's brouhaha and heckling boilers, but he was completely fidgety around static electricity, a great abundance of which were experienced at the plant! Sometimes, during thunder storms, huge sparks would leap from the bare copper wires that were corrugated into or nailed directly onto the building's wood framing lighting up the whole room. Insurance companies refer to this as undertaker's electrics. It should be noted that until ceramic insulators were developed the best insulating material of the time was believed to be wood!

Massachusetts Railroad Station!

 On one occasion on an otherwise calm night a single lightning bolt ostensibly came from out of milieu and made a direct hit on the plant resulting in so much short circuiting of electrical wires! Majority of the wires that were deeply imbedded within augured holes in structure's floor joists caught fire! The Generally reliable, guards was convinced that the place demonised, bolted out the rear windows of the 

smoking building, was last seen sprinting towards  the Massachusetts railroad station. Someone later quipped probably to reapply for his former much less dangerous job as a boiler tender on the Old Colony Railroad. George Cross, was the local railway tack manufacturer who was friendly with Thomas Edison and a strong supporter of electrification responded to the situation by devising the first insulated gutter percha wire staples and brads that became some of the first real insulated three-wire feeder connectors. And even more appreciably, George Cross was the key stature as founding the city's theatre which was the first theatre in the world to be entirely powered from a centralized electric power station!




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