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 Ethical Ardour of Camaraderie!

The life entities," he went to say "rebuilt that thumb with consummate care." Thomas Edison told a press journalist from the American Magazine, that he was "at work on the most sensitive piece contraption he had undertaken to build, and was waiting the results with curiosity and fervour." Such an apparatus, he said, "might be operated by personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us; it will give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the Ouija boards or tilting tables!"



Henry Ford characterised the ethical ardour of camaraderie as he paid reverence to Thomas Edison, by preserving his original inventions and recreating Menlo Park, it seems natural that he would want the odour of Thomas Edison's last breath as a souvenir to be preserved! Why? Thomas Edison inspired Ford to succeed and  Edison's test tube symbolised inspiration. Was there a better way to acquire the essence of this great man spirit?  After all is said and done Thomas Edison was an inspiration to people all over planet earth. Is it any wonder that Henry Ford wanted Edison last breath?

Bringing Out the Secrets of Nature!

The question that was on every one's lips who knew of Henry Ford's aspirations to retrieve Thomas Edison's last breath in a test tube before he died! Was. What did Henry Ford do with the test tube Edison's son Charles gave him? Henry Ford did not put the test tube on displayed in his famous museum while he was alive. The truth is; Henry Ford  horded the test tube with Thomas Edison's last breath in mansion until he died on April 7, 1947. Henry Ford was 83 years old when he died, and Thomas Edison had lived to the age of 84 and in his lifetime he attributed prolonged existence to the course of inventing: "Don't stop experimenting," he advised. "It's good for long life!" Thomas Edison's purpose in life, he said, was "bringing out the secrets of nature and put them into operation  for the enchantment of man." What matters is that Edison's son Charles and Henry Ford valued Edison's spirit so much that they tried to preserved it, to honour and glorify it!

Physics and Metaphysics!

Thomas Edison not only urbanised the incandescent light but also developed a multifarious system that dispense electrical light and power which enable people illuminate their homes and industry. remains the American king of invention with 1093 patents issued in his name. He created the mimeograph, the alkaline storage battery, the phonograph, and motion pictures. Al Edison also improved other people's

inventions, such as the telegraph, the typewriter, and the telephone making them more commercially viable. Edison has been commonly described as the "Wizard of Menlo Park" and the United States of America "Miracle Worker," In several ways Thomas Edison had created millions of jobs and brought greater enhancement into the lives of the common people on a global magnanimity. Thomas Alva Edison was not just a great inventor of various contraptions for the people. Thomas Edison himself was a truth seeker who in his time had perceived the sights of the leading edge between two sectors of scientific truths: "Physics and Metaphysics!"




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