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First Passenger Electric Railway!

*1879 Thomas Edison invented the first practical incandescent electric lamp! The invention was perfected *21stOctober 1879 when the first lamp embodying the principles of the modern incandescent lamp electrically incandescently lasted more that 40 hour! *1879 Thomas Edison made deep seated upgrades within the edifice of dynamos manufacture! Edison dynamos powered generators for his system of distribution for current for light, heat and power! Invented systems of distribution, regulation and measurement of electric current! He made sockets, switches, fuses, and other electrical devices for a light and power system!



*31stDecember 1879  gave a public demonstration of his electric lighting system in streets and buildings at Menlo Park, New Jersey! *3rdApril 1880 invented the magnetic ore separator! *13thMay 1880 begun operation of the first passenger electric railways in this country at Menlo Park, New Jersey. *1880 Spent seven laborious years of invention in endeavouring to improve and increased the electric light, heat and power systems!

Lighting and Power Distribution!

Of the 1,093 patents issued to Thomas. Edison over his lifetime as an inventor, 358 of those patents dealt with electric lighting and power distribution. *2nd March 1881 Thomas Edison arranged to open the Edison Machine Works at 104 Goerck Street, New York City! *12thJanuary 1882  opened the first commercial incandescent lighting and power station at Holborn Viaduct, London, England! *1st May 1882  moved the first commercial incandescent lamp factory from Menlo Park to Harrison, New Jersey! Organised and established shops for the manufacture of dynamos, underground conductors, sockets, switches, fixtures, meters, etc! *4thSeptember 1882  commenced the operation of the first commercial central station for incandescent lighting in the United States at 257 Pearl Street, New York City! *1883 Thomas Edison found that an independent wire or plate, that was sandwiched between the legs of the filament of the incandescent lamp!

Science, Wireless and Electronics!

The plate acted as a valve to control the flow of current, this phenomena was described as the "Edison Effect." This discovery covers the fundamental principle on which modern science of electronics is based on! *27thMarch 1885 a patent was executed on a system for communicating by means of wireless induction telegraphy between moving trains and railway stations!  *14thMay 1885 received a

  patent for a ship to shore wireless telegraphy system.*December 1886 moved plant of Edison Machine Works from 104 Goerck Street, New York City, to Schenectady, New York! *24thNovember 1887 moved his laboratory to West Orange! During the first four years of his occupancy of his West Orange laboratory, he took out over eighty patents on improvements on the cylinder phonograph. *6thOctober 1889 saw the first projection of an experimental motion picture! *14th April 1894 first commercial motion pictures with the opening of a peephole Kinetoscope parlour developments by a man of limited school education!




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