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Edison's Massachusetts Electric Company

Dubbed, "The Wizard of Menlo Park!, Thomas Edison illuminated a little town in America called Brockton. By integrating his remarkable multi arc light, or divided, incandescent light circuits, with Brockton's venerable undivided arc light circuits, Thomas Edison made this city the first on earth to simultaneously power parallel and series street lighting. Accordingly, unlike what had happened in New York City and elsewhere the Edison's Massachusetts Electric Company never put itself into position and working against the long established stockist of alternate current arc lighting!



Amongst its many commercial advantages, it required such a relatively low capital outlay and low interest start-up costs for investors, it eventually enticed hundreds of  potential benefactors to explore taking a chance on building small to medium sized centralised plants in not only in small villages and their outlying rural areas, but similar power network in densely populated urban and industrial as well. The superseding features involved in Edison's first practical centralised electric power station facility in Brockton!

The H-Type Generators!

This exercise was a highly composite and wide-ranging system of inventions that probably revealed the man's real genius more than anything else to its great historical cit, many of the above described features of the Thomas Edison Massachusetts Electric Light and Power Company plant became the focal point of impression that constituted several hundreds of small plants and much larger plants that ultimately followed soon afterwards. After a short time there was the correction of irritating problem with the H-Type generators, but the above breakthroughs was promptly rectrofied into most of Thomas Edison's existing two-wire demonstration plants along with a number his isolated onsite plants! n fact, shortly before it was destroyed by fire, even the proud and highly touted New York plant was finally upgraded to include them. When one considered the above and the fact that virtually all of the 3-wire plants that followed the design of Edison's Brockton model were showing profits!

New York City Pearl Street!

Thomas Edison sometimes appears to have been taken in by provincial commerce when he tenaciously described his two-wire New York operation as his greatest accomplishment. However, it must be remembered that beyond the strong demographic economic advantages of identifying with that city, this was indeed where he built his first large scale plant in America! Accordingly, as his son, Charles Edison

once remarked to a scripter; "at times relative to my father's great accomplishment he had achieved in Brocton Massachusetts! My dad may have tended to romanticise it just a little bit, but more importantly, the vast majority of technological historians still failed to clearly differentiate the limits to what my father, Thomas Edison had actually accomplished in New York City! What he did not accomplish there with his marvellous Pearl Street facilities! Sadly, as the years gradually rolled by and the multiple centralised networks of power production and delivery of electrical service became the norm in the large urban industrial areas of a highly extraordinary technology. I can say, my father was the antecedent of it all!




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