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The Efforts of Young Edison

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The Highways of  Matrimony!

Further more he was a sensitive boy who as he reached adulthood, mask his insecurities with audacity and alcoholism. In reading an extensive private correspondence he maintained with one of his school colleagues during his early twenties, a conspicuously poignant element in his personality became apparent! Thomas Alva Edison Junior was not at all well, in body, mind soul or spirit, he was indeed physically and mentally ill! Came 1899 Thomas Edison Jnr took the highways of matrimony in deciding to get married to a young stage actress by the name of Mary Touhey, known to her friends as Marie the chorus girl of New York's Broadway stage who had the reputed characterisation of a lush low life entity!



Their courtship was quite epigrammatic but the marriage was indeed a much succinct affair! No one knew what took place on their conjugal honeymoon, but each returned  in separate compartments on the train, instantly declared a marriage collapse. Ironically, Mary condemn Junior for being an inebriator but in spite of their terse marriage she satiated all the opportunities open to her!

Scientifically Illiterate Boy!

Mary Touchy took every available disadvantage of Thomas Edison Junior's name she could, until her impenetrable death during the early part of 1906 at the age of 27 years old! A life of notoriety fuelled his false feelings of the magnitudes in which he proceeded to fabricated all species of outlandish ideas, none of which came to fruition! His father Thomas Edison Senior commented: "My son's head is now so engorged, that I can do nothing at all with him, he is being used by morbid acerbic individuals for their own personal ends! I could never get him to go to school nor worked in the Laboratory! He is therefore, absolutely illiterate scientifically or otherwise!" However, despite his intense hostility towards his father, Thomas Edison Junior made an effort to be like his father to such an extent that even his calligraphy and inscriptions were modelled extraordinarily close to his  father's own!

Commercial Enterprises!

Unfortunately, his grammaticism left little to be desired! His spelling and grammar were enormously of diabolical proportions! By the turn of the century the situation deteriorated and got out of controlled! Thomas Edison Jnr was behaving with mortifying mannerisms, passing off dud cheques, drinking heavily! his name was linked to mail fraud that brought about investigation by government bodies!

The Edison name became dull and was being used for all kinds of shady deals! Finally, Thomas Edison Snr., could not take much more, and off he went to court and acquired a legal restriction forbidding his son Thomas Jnr from ever using the Edison family name in commercial enterprises, and officially deny the existence of his son but alas, that conception was only for a short while! One can understand Thomas Edison's grief over his son's behaviour pattern. However, in third quarter of 1903, Thomas Edison's lawyer negotiated a peace treaty between the estranged father and son distraught correlation, by which Edison Snr granted Thomas Alva Edison Jnr an allowance of $35 each month! 




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