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Cold Blooded Industrialist

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Business Related Encounters!

Thomas Edison had the right idea when he prophesied that the oil lamps and gas lights would be superseded by the electric light. Thomas Edison, with hearing impaired, unconventional and given the name of "Wizard of Menlo Park." He became trapped in a net of clandestine, that consists of exclusive rights and business related encounters! Perceived by a number of people as an awe inspiring figure who could have power over electric lightning, in another ray of light, seen by others as a sacrilegious entity who dared to challenge the celestial order of God's universe! Thomas Alva Edison was quite a cold blooded industrialist who went to great lengths to discredit his competitors, but he didn't always get his own way!



Although Thomas Edison had reformed the planet with his electric light bulbs, he could not hold on to what he had found, eventually going on to losing control of his industry. Thomas Edison broadcast his invention of the incandescent light bulb, and on the 31st December 1879 drew the attention of a gathering in excess of 3,000 wide eyed individuals to his Laboratory at Menlo Park!

Infinite Body of Intelligence!

Thomas Edison announcement brought the crowd to his Menlo Park New Jersey, compound to see the buildings with surroundings of his conception of glowing soft lights.  Hence, the Thomas Edison's lighting revolution had come alive. Thomas Edison observations: "It feels as if humans and natural phenomena alike are destined to follow certain courses of action, by an unimaginably infinite body of intelligence! The further I research the creatures and structures of the materials that surround us, the more I am inclined to believe that these things had been pre-programmed. I myself am no exception. All of my inventions came forth because I was driven by this gigantic force." He went on to state: "We hardly know the real power of what we have in this world. If we think we know something, we only know less than 1 / 10 millionth of 1 per cent!"

Amazing Velocity of Developments!

I will work until  I die! With that sentence Thomas Edison made a declaration: "That is my sole vocation in this life!" And 1093 patents says it all! When it comes to the end road for me, I shall be going to the world beyond, whereby I shall continue the research where I left off! The principal similarity between the Menlo Park of  Thomas Edison's day and the present day technological industries is the amazing velocity of developments! In the light today's technological industries, employees can bounce from one

position to the other, and in the end they went on to developed their own companies! From Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory, there was simply no other labs to equal that of the Edison's complex! Only two people from Thomas Edison's employment at Menlo Park went on to set up their own personal business. Thomas Al Edison was man that always in the company of reliable acquaintances and proficient individuals. Edison cherished the milieu where he could instantaneously enlarge his inspirational ideas that led to experiments and once he got cracking on his research, it did not matter what time of the day it was, Edison would set about developing his new idea with a kind of cataleptic state of mind!




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