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 Edison Accounting Records

The filings of data on microfilm is equivalent to an outsized structural embodiment of data files full of imaginative ideas of how the records of Thomas Edison laboratory analysis and companies that were put together over the years during Edison lifetime and how the archivists assigned to protect and treated them. Some of Edison notebooks were about his laboratory experiments. Thomas Edison earlier notebooks were the subject of  accounting based on spending and being paid, altogether notebooks was muddled and unsystematic. Edison had a habit using stimulant quotes to his helpers. "Be courageous! He said: Whatever setbacks America has encountered, it has always emerged as a stronger and more prosperous nation! In the communal scheme of Menlo Park, under Thomas Edison's all observing mind, thought it made sense for  Kruesi, Batchelor and their families to share a house not too far away from him, across Christie Street!



He also wanted  his tightly knit work force to be in close proximity. Edison even acquired the services  of a distant relative, widowed Sarah Jordan! At the time Sarah Jordan was living in Newark with her daughter, Ida, offering the women the opportunity to establish a boarding house on Christie Street midway between the Edison home and the laboratory! Here, single men and occasional transients were provided lodgings in the six upstairs bedrooms of the twelve-room duplex house!

Wizard of Menlo Park!

As traffic in and out of the compound intensified, Mrs. Jordan hung out a Lunch Room shingle, charging thirty cents a meal to all comers, and set her establishment up to cater to the local men who did not go home to the village for their repast, as well as to serve visiting dignitaries and journalists when the public spotlight inevitably found its target. As powerful as the Edison myth might become throughout the world, the Wizard of Menlo Park's tale always maintains a uniquely American flair on several levels!  The Edison's story fits nicely into the American pattern. Even with only a superficial looks and the parallels of Edison and Franklin whose destitutionalised  first phase of life represents the national myth upon which all others must compete!

New World Eden

Thomas Edison also fits in neatly with a wide variety of views concerning the American people. Seen as Boorstin's patently non-ideological "go getter," Edison always comes over looking sharply focused. On the other side of the spectrum, the Edison's myth closely resembles the intimately ideological search for

the New World Eden that Marx had described. The most accurate and probing treatment of Thomas Edison's role in American myths, that is believed to be accomplished by Wachhorst. He states that all heroes reflect opposing forces yet to be resolved by the culture and, that "the mediation of this polar tension is the function not only of the Thomas Edison image but of all modern culture heroes! While the reporter was being ushered in, the Old Man disguised himself to resemble the heroic image of the Great Inventor, Thomas Al. Edison' graven in the imagination of those who have no imagination! Gone were his natural boyishness of manner and his blessed happy hooliganism!




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