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Thought Motherhood of Mina Miller!

Mina Miller Edison was in her early twenties and not much older than he was, but then again that could be due to him losing his mother while he was just a sibling of 8 years old and felt quite lonely needing someone to relate to! His cornucopian disposition of love could simply stem from his long stretch of loneliness along with his lacklustre life of remoteness! However it may seem, Mina could not bridge the wide fissure between father and son, of course, she tried to played the role of a thoughtful biological mother, even though she wasn't, but that was her limit towards gaining a parental binding of father and son! Thomas  Alva Edison Jnr reached to the age of 17 and promptly renounce his college studies taking a job in one of his father's mines down in Ogden, New Jersey, but was made to work hard doing only dreary mind-numbing jobs!



 Thomas Ed Junior had little or no contact with his dad, toward whom he became increasingly resentful and unreceptive! Although the mine had closed down in 1895, Thomas Edison Jnr remained in the mine for quite some time! One can only imagine what a torrid experience Thomas Jnr must have had during his formative years towards approaching the capricious life of adulthood uncertain of what to make of his own personal world!

Myriad Enterprise Schemes!

The poor soul lost his mother at an early age, had to put up with an inaccessible and abhorrent father who himself lost all convictions of a father's love for his first born child, lo and behold the little infantile boy was under pressure from the moment he took his first breath given the fact that everyone had very high expectations of him stepping into his dad's footsteps! The baby boy who had been christened with the name of Thomas A. Edison Jnr! was  indeed, a powerful bestowed abrogation! Having a name like Thomas Alva Edison was like wearing platinum, diamonds and all the trimmings of reckless wealth wrapped around your neck! Without much ado, having such a famous name would most definitely attract scheming unscrupulous underhand bodies monetary dilettantes who would be waiting in the wings and rubbing their hands in gleam to benefit from his name as soon as Thomas Edison Jnr had reached the of age of consent! Upon reaching the age of 20 years old Thomas Edison Junior became the figurehead of myriad enterprise schemes!

Unscrupulous And Corrupted Endeavours!

It was a giddy experience but one which ultimately made his inadequacies even more palpable during the 1890's he became the ostensible head of industries such as the Thomas A. Edison Jnr. Chemicals. makers of "the Wizard Ink" medications as well as the "Magno Electric Vitaliser", even patent cures for everything ranging from rheumatisms to deafness. The Edison Jnr., Electric Light and Power Company!

The Thomas A. Edison Jnr., and Wm. Holzer Steel Process Commerce, and the Thomas A. Edison Jnr., Improved Incandescent Lamp Industry! "The young brain of Thomas Edison Jnr "Has Achieved Another" great "Triumph" and "The Latest Edison Discovery!" Those untrustworthy dress rehearsal of advertisement claims deployed by those unscrupulous and corrupted endeavours were greatly disingenuous! Regrettably, Thomas A Edison Junior wasn't blessed with the same disposition or the intelligence as his famous inventor father! Edison Jnr was indeed emergent and an insalubrious human being! His relentless rebellious resentfulness of his dad led him into path of irresponsive bogus deals!




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