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Emperor of Inventions!

Thomas Edison had many friends around him of different ages and nationalities. The ones Edison trusted the most were all older than him, such as Charles Batchelor, an Englishman, and John Kruesi, from Switzerland were All greatly attracted to Thomas Edison's enthusiasm and talents for his discoveries and developments. As soon as Thomas Edison established his standing as the emperor of inventions, potential inventors emerged before him in earnest and pleading with Thomas Edison to employed them as trainees!



Amongst these trainees was one Henry Ford who worked at the Edison factory. Henry Ford became a very close friend of Edison. When Ford told Edison about his dream to create a petroleum driven motor vehicle. Thomas Edison responded earnestly and encouraged Ford to follow his dream. Thomas Edison was very much associated with Firestone also, whom later fashioned the motor vehicle tyre commerce, George Eastman, founder of the Kodak Film company. Henry Ford, cars, Firestone tyres and George Eastman's Kodak Films has become popular household trademarks

Nippon Electric Company

John Burroughs, the natural scientist, and Lindberg, the famous pilot; the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. All were students of Thomas Edison before moving on to set up their own individual separate industries. Thomas Edison was aware of the importance of overseas market, especially of Japan. Apart from the celebrated occurrence where Thomas Edison had used the bamboo from Kyoto for filament of the incandescent light bulb, there were many narrative accounts that relates Thomas Edison to Japan. For example there were several young Japanese working at the Edison's laboratory, who enabled Thomas Edison to comprehend the Japanese culture and Japan as a whole. One of them was Kunihiko Iwadare who had worked for Thomas Edison's General Electric Company prior to setting up a corporation company to be known as Nippon Electric!

Inventors and Prominent Statisticians!

Thomas Edison also enthusiastically associated with a number of Japanese politicians, inventors and prominent statisticians from the Asian economics world! Once you apply enough heat to cause white light, seen in your eyes that energized several different electrons in so many different ways that all of the colours that are being generated will all mix together to look white heat which incidentally, is the most common way the we perceive light being generated from a normal 75-watt incandescent light bulb that

is generating light by using electricity to create heat. An incandescent light bulb have a very thin tungsten filament or the bamboo filament which Edison used that was housed inside a glass orb. These bulbs typically come in sizes like "60 watt," "75 watt," and "100 watt" and so forth. The basic idea behind these bulbs is simple. Electricity runs through the filament and because the filament is so thin, it offers a good bit of resistance to the electricity, this resistance turns electrical energy into heat. The heat is enough to make the filament white hot, and the "white" part becomes light. The filament glows because of the heat it incandesces. Man did not created electricity and light. He found a way to harness these elements!




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