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Menlo Park Laboratory!

Thomas once remarked that his desire of this period of my life was to do everything within his power to further free the people from drudgery, and to create the largest possible measure of happiness and prosperity for all. Between the years of 1917 to 1918 Thomas Edison invented, developed and worked on special experiments for the defence of the United States America during World War 1. During that time Thomas Edison summoned all the leading scientists of the land, and he also made available to the USA government, the facilities of his laboratory! With his inventions and ideas certain methods were devised and given to the Navy for detecting submarines by sound, for perceiving enemy planes, and locating gun positions by range sounding, improved torpedoes, developed high speed signalling shutter for searchlights and even underwater searchlights!



Thomas Edison is the founder father of the Naval Research Laboratories which was unveiled on the 3rd of December 1952 on the mall at the Anacostia, Maryland, Laboratories! Thomas A. Edison set up his home and research laboratory on the site of an unsuccessful real estate development in Raritan Township called Menlo Park! It was in the Menlo Park Laboratory that Thomas Edison came up with his most famous inventions, including the Phonograph and the Electric Light Bulb!

USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610!

 Edison wanted a bigger work area moved his lab to West Orange, New Jersey West Orange a town located in Essex County, New Jersey in Christie Street and Christie Street was the first street to use electric lights for illumination. However, going away from this short bit of history about Thomas Edison labs. Now we look at the United States Government honoured Thomas A. Edison for his contributions during World War 1, and because his inventions and ideas made America a successful nation at war. The US government decided to pay tribute to Thomas A. Edison in quite a big way by naming a nuclear submarine in honour of him. USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610! SSBN is the United States Navy Hull classification symbol for a Ballistic Missile Submarine!
The SS denotes a submarine, the B denotes Ballistic Missile capability, and the N denotes nuclear power!

Division of The General Dynamics Corps!

USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610 was laid down on 15th March 1960 at Groton, Conn., by the Electric Boat Division of the General Dynamics Corp.; launched on 15th June 1961; sponsored by Mrs. Madeleine Edison Sloane daughter of Thomas Edison; and commissioned on 10th March 1962, Captain. Charles M. Young and Captain. Walter Dedrick were in command! USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN-610 loaded Polaris missiles at Charleston, S.C., and embarked upon her first deterrent patrol on 7th November 1962. She concluded that patrol at the base at Holy Loch, Scotland, where upon she operated for the next four years and 17 deterrent patrols! In September 1966, her official home port was changed from New London, Connecticut, to Charleston, S.C. in preparation for her first major overhaul. She ended her 17th patrol at Charleston on 15th October 1966 and began her overhaul on the 28th October 1966!

Navy's Nuclear Power!

She completed repairs on 9th May 1968; and, after post overhaul sea trials and shakedown, she embarked upon her 18th deterrent patrol on  the 22nd September 1968Over the next five years, she operated out of New London and Rota, Spain, from which ports she conducted another 19 patrols in the Atlantic! On 6th October 1980, USS Thomas A. Edison was designed as SSN 610 to comply with

the SALT I treaty and concrete blocks were placed in the missile tubes to disable the submarine's missile launch capability! She served as an attack submarine SSN mainly doing exercises until she was decommissioned on 1st December 1983, and stricken from the Navy list on 30th April 1986! Then on the 1st October 1996, USS Thomas A. Edison SSN enter the Navy's Nuclear Power Ship and Submarine Recycling Program at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash., was completed on 1st December 1997. Recycling Program at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash was completed on 1st December 1997!




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