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Edison Architect Extraordinaire

Thomas Edison must be rank as the extraordinaire architect who had a recollection that was somewhat asymmetrical in comparison to any other inventors during his time, before his time and even in this time of the 21st Century! You would find it quite hard to fault Edison path towards been a prolific inventor with a great deal of success! While other inventors had travelled the lonely path to discovery Edison took the route to integration! Thomas Alva Edison was an individual who could charm the hind-legs off a donkey, although Edison was unfortunately expelled from the three schools for being inquisitive with each school headmasters and headmistress describing him as a difficult student who caused dissent in other students all because of his inquisitive mind!



Thomas Alva Edison was some ways than one quite an exceptional persona especially when one consider that his formal education was limited to just three years. The fact that he had impaired hearing made worst by a train conductor pulling him up by his ear on the train which must have been an arduous experience for a young lad!

Elevator Filled With Wheat Grains!

Many biographers romanticised the mother and son phenomena in stating that his mother being a former teacher herself taught Thomas Edison during his formative years making him into the man he became! Apart from having impaired hearing that would have caused most individual a hindrance in their lives! That was not the case with Thomas Edison as the impediment was completely ignored by him during his developing years which led him on the path to become America greatest impresario! The a youth growing up Thomas Edison  behaved just as most children behaved! He had many narrow escapee! One such incident was when he fell into canal and almost lost his life of which he was somewhat lucky to escape from drowning!  On another occasion he experienced an even  dramatic encounter falling into a wheat grain elevator filled with wheat grains in which he came close to being almost asphyxiated! One could say that as child Thomas Edison was a somewhat mischievous!

Edison And The Bumble Bee's Nest!

In trying to escape from being crushed Edison held on the end holding the end of a strap for leverage only for another youngster shortening the strap with a chopper! The act of the other younger cause Edison to lose the top of a finger! Thomas Edison once built a fire in a barn only for the flames rapidly spread in a matter of seconds! once again the Houdini Edison escaped with his life, while the barn was

was being burnt to smithereens (burnt to ashes). Each chapter of Edison encounters is more dramatic than the previous encounters! Thomas Edison being an inquisitive individual engaged himself by digging up a bumble bee's nest near an orchard fence but unknown to Edison, he was being scrutinized by a a somewhat rather dangerous foe! "A ram goat!" The ram goat suddenly attacked Edison from the behind while he was engaged in digging up bumble bee's nest! The ram goat viscously knocked Thomas Edison against the fence! In another the ram goat was ready to charge again, but luckily, at that moment Edison managed to jump over the side of the fence! Houdini Edison the Escapist!




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