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The Universal Stock Ticker!

The resolute Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, to Samuel and Nancy Elliott Edison in  1847! Thomas Edison and his Family moved to Port Huron, Michigan in 1854! The Young Edison  had only gained about  four months of education in 1855! Came 1959 and Edison began selling newspapers, candy and food on the Grand Trunk Railway between Port Huron and Detroit!   In 163 Edison found employment as a telegraph operator travelling through the South and Midwest states of America  away from his home for a whole year! Edison began to feel home sick, that led him return to his home in Port Huron, a place that he was deeply in love with, this self repatriation took place in the year 1867! After finding his way back to his home, he began to excel in imaginative advancement!



As the days, weeks and months rolled by, Tom Edisons inventive innovative streak was growing stronger! He patented his very first invention which he named his invention: " The Electrical Vote Recorder!" He moved again, this time to New York City where he set up a business that manufactured telegraph equipments! From there on Thomas Edison went on to invented the "Universal Stock Ticker" in 1869!  In that same year, Thomas Edison became the first entrepreneur to open both a factory and laboratory in Newark, New Jersey, USA!

Carbon Transmitter Button!

Edison fell in love and married Mary Stilwell and as a bonus he received a patent his "Paper Ticker Tape!" Edison was really in full flow,  as he  proceed to developed a Quadruplex System that made a great impact on the telegraph industry! The year was1874! Thomas Edison now moving unto greater heights, established a laboratory this time at Menlo Park, New Jersey! He received patents for two more inventions:" The Mimeograph Machine" and "Electric Pen" all happened in 1876!  Thomas Edison was churning out inventions one after the other as if they were rolling off a conveyor belt! He again got into the inventive mood and came up with the Carbon Transmitter Button  for use in telephones! Then came his most fervour of inventions in 1877: "The Tinfoil Phonograph" that was to become his most innovative original invention yet!  Thomas Edison was rapidly moving into top gear with inventions! Apart from inventing he  found "The Electric Light Company!" A grandeur feat that he achieved in 1878! Thomas Edison went on to invented the first practical incandescent electric light bulb system, that was demonstrated to the public by lighting up Christie Street, 31stDecember 1879!

Edison's Illuminating Company!

And so it went on that the Genius discovered the "Edison Effect" that in later years was to became the underpinning of electronics! The Edison Effect was discovered in the year of 1880! What we today call mass production! Thomas Edison was devising bulk produce of light bulbs and electric parts back in 1881! History has it that the great man worked for long hours! Tom Edison established the Pearl Street

Central Power Station in New York, that was the first commercial electric power plant in 1882. From that point on in the following year of 1883, he went on to set up "Edison Illuminating Company" for the building of municipal power plants! During Edison rapid expansions of business ventures unfortunately his wife Mary Stillwell, died at the tender age of 29 in 1884! A year after his wife had died, Edison received the first patents on wireless telegraphy in 1885! It wasn't too long after the death of his first wife! Love, romance and marriage took hold of him! In 1886 Edison married Mina Miller! But was still firing rapid shots into the field of commerce! Edison moved into the West Orange Laboratory in 1887!




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