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Henry Ford's Peace Treaty Voyage

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Henry Ford's Quest For World Peace!

Taking a peep at Thomas Edison and Henry Ford back in time to the year 1915! Biographers had purported that though Thomas Edison was against war, he nonetheless decided to help President. Woodrow Wilson with his idea of a collection  of top scientists in the United States of America to combine their  efforts in rescuing America during World War I integrating their scientific minds to enable America's success in the war! This act of Thomas Edison disappointed his close friend and associate Henry Ford, who had pleaded with Thomas Edison to join him on what can be described as an unrealistic journey to Stockholm in December 1915 for the soul purpose of ending the war!



Henry Ford in his imitable wisdom had conjured a planned in which he wanted both himself and Edison to bring all the leaders of the world's most powerful nations to sign a peace treaty to end all wars. Thomas Edison refused to join Henry Ford in his quest for world peace, though Thomas Edison did join Henry Ford  in accompanying him to the dock where a ship was waiting to sail to Stockholm!

Edison's Metaphysical Conjectures!

Henry Ford boarded  ship and Thomas Edison stood on the dock waving Ford goodbye and wishing him a troubled free journey and success with his idealisms of peace in Stockholm! While Edison was looking on from the Henry Ford bellowed to Edison that if he joined him on board ship he would give him a million dollars, but Thomas Edison never heard the offer! Henry Ford got to Stockholm ok, but his journey was in vain because none of world's leaders turned up Henry Ford's meeting. Henry Ford  returned to America aggrieved with disappointment! Though Thomas Edison had rebuff Henry Ford's peace mission Ford's fondness for Edison was under no circumstances besmirched. Henry Ford over the years had become an enchanted believer in life after death. Ford became ecstatic when he heard of Thomas Edison's metaphysical conjectures on the subject of  eternal life! Henry Ford described the Edison's interest as "The greatest thing that has occur in the last fifty years!

The Intelligence of Man!

Due to the fact that both he and Edison had reached the very same conclusion that there was a future life for all of us!" During the Autumn of 1920 Edison made a speech stating that he had long believed that the cells of the human body possessed "intelligence," and taken together, represents the centre of  a population that is made up of inestimable cells or relatively more to the point, supreme intelligent human

inhabitants!" A man, he concluded, was not merely an individual, but also "a vast collection of myriads of individuals!" Thomas Edison on another occasion went on record as saying: "The intelligence of a man then, consisted of the combined intelligence of all the cells, or "entities" within him, "as a city is made up of the combined intelligence of its inhabitants!" After death, those cells are separated and diffused, yet persisted in some new form, that is served over and over again will live forever, and can no more be destroyed than matter! Thomas Edison then confirmed to his audience he had burnt his thumb, but the skin was perfectly formed and had replaced! Lucky for Edison!




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