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Brief Naps On Wooden Benches!

Thomas Edison met such great glory, not because of his amazing mind, but because he worked harder than everyone else! Famed for his twenty hour work days and brief naps on wooden benches, Thomas Edison's most famous hard working myth involves him leaving his wife on their wedding night to improve his stock ticker. Rooted in the heart of Thomas Edison's myths, of course, were his prized inventions. The first commercial land based "isolated" incandescent system was placed in the New York printing firm of Hinds and Ketchum in January 1881! In the fall a temporary, demonstration central power system was installed at the Holborn Viaduct in London, in conjunction with an exhibition at the Crystal Palace!



Edison supervised the laying of the mains and installation of the world’s first permanent, commercial central power system in lower Manhattan, which became operative in September 1882. Although the early systems had problems and years passed before incandescent lighting powered by electricity from central stations began to replace gas lighting!

Research and Development!

Isolated lighting plants for such enterprises as hotels, theatres, and stores flourished, so did Thomas  Edison’s reputation as the world’s greatest inventor. Thomas Edison’s inventions were often discovered by chance while working on practical experiments and problem solving. This resulted in 380 patents for electric light and power, 195 for the phonograph, 150 for the telegraph, 141 for storage batteries, and 34 for the telephone. Until that point scientists had primarily been involved in pure research and nothing more. Thomas Edison’s approach was to find useful and helpful ways of applying his inventions.! Inventors had been attempting to devise the incandescent light bulb for fifty years, but Edison’s reputation and past achievements commanded respect for his bold piction. As a result, a group of leading financiers, including J.P. Morgan and the Vanderbilts, established the Edison Electric Light Company, and advanced him $30,000 for his research and development!

A Reputation For Chicanery!

When Edison announced that he could record and reproduce human speech, he met with trepidation. Eminent authorities, including French scientist Sainte Claire de Ville, upon reading announcements of the talking machine, pronounced it a great fraud and a hoax perpetrated by a concealed ventriloquist! A totally phoney! Either Edison's reputation for chicanery had preceded him, or there existed conceptual

barriers that made the feat seem more difficult than it actually was! Thomas Alva Edison showed how "an honest, optimistic train boy, without formal schooling, had risen to fame and fortune through perseverance and hard work! Today you can walk into any store selling electric accessories and find light bulbs that can last for two years! In the year of 1991 Philips developed a light bulb that uses magnetic induction to excite a gas to emit light! There are no parts to wear out in this typed of design! The magnetic induction light bulb expected lifetime is 60,000 hours! In the future there will probably be light bulbs that will never burn out! Nonetheless, Thomas Alva Edison was the original instigator of it all!




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