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The Art Metering Technology!

After receiving a royal reception at Thomas Edison's home and his former lab at Menlo park, William Joseph Jenks was thoroughly informed on how Thomas Edison was normalising the means of producing everything from his new state of the art metering technology to his latest bulbs. Provided with all kinds of interrelated state of the art, facts and figures, he and Thomas Edison also made several inspections of New York's belligerent two wire system Pearl Street plant roughly about a good 30 miles away! The upshot was that, when Jenks had returned home to Brockton, he had all the material  including an acceptance of the inducement of Thomas Edison's latest incorporated feeder and three-wire patented technology!



This three wire technology fully confounded any critic to fire the imagination of those who had been cold to electricity, and to eventually, stir-up new enthusiasms amongst the backers in December 1883, Thomas Edison cleverly used William Joseph Jenks to conscript benefactors for his new technology! Edison and the  Brockton officials had  already worked out most of the details that led to the world's first agreement!

Thomas Edison Achievements!

The agreement was for Thomas Edison to construct a three-wire phase light and power station. Though the indenture was finalised, months had gone by before the resentful drippidy-drop individuals from a number of cities that felt negligent in courting Thomas Edison achievements of the light and power occurrences. One of those city was Boston who devoid themselves paying compliment to William Joseph Jenks for his role in bringing the operation to New England. In the Spring of 1883, when construction began at Massachusetts generating plant, William Joseph Jenks was acknowledged by being named as its superintendent. W. L. Garrison Jnr. whose sister was married to Thomas Edison's closest associate, Henry Villard and who had been deeply involved in Brockton's abolitionist, suffrage, and temperance movements finally convinced Thomas Edison to build the plant at the very centre of the progressive new city of Massachusetts!

Three Wired Synchronised System!

Later Garrison was named treasurer of the newly formed Massachusetts Edison Electric Company. Interestingly, once structural construction got under way in Massachusetts, Thomas Edison eliminated almost all detailed news releases on its progress. One of the reasons he may have adopted this low profile was due to the fact he was overwhelmed with problems which he felt only he alone could solve!

First, his wife was mortally ill, that of which was described as a brain tumour and would soon leave him to care of their three young children! Secondly, Edison was at the peak of the most competitive creative and productive period of his life battling to perfect and patent scores of inventions associated with his new three wired synchronised system! Third, he was being utterly condemn in the national press. Just prior to the Palmer Hotel presentation, for example: A deliberately unpleasant and disrespectful account had appeared in a New York Tabloid describing the poor quality of the work Thomas Edison's staff had completed at the prominent Pearl Street Station a few months earlier!




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