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Thomas Edison Asian Connections!

It was 25th March 1878, that the first electrical light was lit in Japan for the sole purpose of luminosity. At that time, there was no one who had the ability to manufacture and supply electrical devices on a large scale. Aware of the need for the incandescent light bulbs, Ichisuke Fujioka, the founder of the present Toshiba, commenced the manufacture and research. He left America and went to his homeland Japan with the knowledge of the manufacturing process of Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb. In 1889, Fujioka became the head of engineering for Tokyo Electric Light Company to start manufacturing incandescent light bulbs. The manufacturer course of action had a number of scientific complications, concerning the latest expertise of that time!




Nevertheless, the enhancement of technology and business development finally blossomed in the development of the dual coil filament New Matsuda Lamp and the smoked over glass light bulb. In 1934, the Japanese electrical company founded a cenotaph to celebrate the life of Thomas Edison and his realisations! In 1964, Edison's daughter, Sloane, paid homage to the memorial!

School Children On Field Trips!

In 1984, Edison Foundation ,a body within Japan Electric Manufacturers Association re-established the commemorative plaque in the place of pilgrimage belonged to Iwashimizu Hachimangu where it has remained to this day. Each year on 18th October, the day of Edison's death, the Association hosts a memorial to pay tribute as a mark of respect to Edison. Positioned in one of the most accepted place of interest in Kyoto, Edison's commemorative plaque is forever encircled by multitudes of travelled individuals, university graduates and school children on field trips. The solitary impact of recording on the human being is beyond measure when you consider the remuneration of encompassing their expressions and characterisms

Edison's Philosophic Mood!

Sculpture and photographs developed from the individual's desire to articulate that which he had seen. Visualisations had long been expressed long before  Thom Edison had even discovered the phonograph player.  was a more  seventy years duration after 1877 before anyone could capture sound recordings using a tape recorder. Below is a quote from Thomas A Edison in his philosophic mood, he articulated!

"It feels as if humans and natural phenomena alike are destined to follow certain courses of action by an unimaginably infinite body of intelligence! The further I research the creatures, and structures of the materials that surround us, the more I am inclined to believe that these things had been pre-programmed! I myself am no exception. All of my inventions came forth because I was driven by this gigantic force! We hardly know the real power of what we have in this world. If we think we know something, we only know less than 1/10 millionth of 1 per cent!" I am going to work until the day I die! That is my mission in this life! When it comes to the end, I will be going to the world beyond, whereby I shall continue the research where I left off!"




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