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Thomas Edison and Ezra Gilliland

In the year of 1885 while Thomas Edison was searching for the right substance for the light bulb filament when he discovered a small village in Fort Myers, Florida. Pursuing bamboos on banks of the Caloosahatchee River, Thomas Edison and his friend Ezra Gilliland fell in love with the  little village who's inhabitants walk about as if in a dream world! Thomas Edison and Ezra Gilliland found it difficult to resist the serenity of the the tiny village that was miles away from all the hustle and bustles of the inner city areas! After a brief discussion, they decided on a joint venture to acquire a piece of  land  as it was away from the vigorous trails of cattle's  in the  town centres!


Between them they built their homes on the riverfront property encasing a laboratory for the purpose of a mutual undertaking of experimentation in each home to enable Thomas Edison to leisurely continue with his research while on his breaks! Both houses were identically built with lumber for the complete building assignment. Lumber measurements were calculated  in Maine and transported by sailing vessels to Fort Myers!

The Seminole Lodge

As luck would have it, Ezra Gilliland and her family arranged the  introduction of Thomas Edison to Mina Miller who would later become  his second wife! After a very brief bout of courtship, Thomas Edison pop the question and Mina Miller accepted! The Edisons were married in 1886 in which they had their  honeymoon at the Keystone Hotel in Fort Myers that was not too far away from the plot of land Thomas Edison had bought" Edison and Mina Miller produced three children! The first of them was a daughter given the name of Madeleine, she came into existence in the year of 1888, second child was Charles born in the year of 1890 and the third another boy child, Theodore was born  in 1898 during which time Thomas Edison and Ezra Gilliland houses had been completed! Edison named his new sanctuary for retreat in Fort Myers: "The Seminole Lodge!"

The Detroit Illuminating Company!

Edison named his new sanctuary for retreat in Fort Myers "The Seminole Lodge. Regrettably, Thomas Edison and Ezra Gilliland had a break-up of friendship It was over 14 years before Edison returned to "The Seminole Lodge in Myers! Strangely enough in the year of 1906 Thomas Edison had acquired the Gilliland home, made a few transformation to both homes and after Edison had  completed his restoration project of the properties, he  re-embarked upon having vacation during the winter months at

the Seminole Lodge right up until his death. Over the years through carrying out experiments at his Detroit Illuminating Company Thomas Edison met Henry Ford at one of the many conventions that were held in and around that area. Henry Ford was introduced to Thomas Edison as "the young entrepreneur who made a gas carriage!" After they were introduced to each other. Henry Ford had a lengthy discussion with Edison about his ideas! Ford was delighted to know that Edison thought his ideas worthy. Thomas Edison told him: "Young man, you've got it, a self controlled unit carrying its own fuel. Keep at it!" That reticent discourse with Edison gave Henry Ford renewed enthusiasm hearing Edison's supportive acumen!




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