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Edison's Dutch Connections

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Bankers of Manhattan Island!

However, in reflecting back a century later, it becomes extremely difficult to identify just how dramatic an effect Thomas Edison's products had on the physical well being and the psyche of the America people! Thomas Edison was seen as Prometheus; the bringer of light in ways more profound than a Greek god! It was the phonograph, not the light bulb, that truly caught the imagination of the nation! Thomas Edison could sound off his own trumpet by boasting that he is of Dutch and Scottish descent! Thomas Edison's original Dutch connection having appeared as bankers of Manhattan Island during the early part of the in the year1700s!



John Edison, a second generation American, was a staunch Tory sympathiser during the War of Independence in Canada, and like many thousands of other American royalists! John Edison had to escape from the motherland due to a hanging sentence hovering over his head when the British ultimately surrendered at Yorktown in 1781 was now reconciled in Nova Scotia, Canada! If  John Edison was unlucky to be caught by those who were giving chase, he would not have be taken alive!

Samuel Edison's Mutinous Actions!

The Edisons being of the United Empire Colonialists were classed as loyalist and was given land that extend to1200 acres! With those passing of years, John Edison the grandfather of Thomas Edison had comfortable settled in Bayham, Lake Erie! Samuel Ogden Edison, son of John Edison went into the hotel business by becoming manager of an hotel in the town of Vienna, Bayfield! Samuel Edisons seditious nature and resentfulness in regards to those that were privileged along with old fashioned ideas made him decisive in his decision to be converted into the Canadian insurrection insurgency of 1837! Samuel Edison's mutinous actions caused a pursuant by a band of bounty hunters known then as mercenaries who began tracking him in order to collect the bounty reward on his head! As it was, they found out he had joined the radical leader McKenzie who  failed tragically in his attack on Toronto! Samuel Edison had to take flight for his life with his wife, as they headed towards the United States!

Great Bodily Dynamisms!

After days of travelling they eventually completed their journey of 182 miles to reach safety in Detroit! Samuel Ogden Edison along with his Scottish Canadian wife, Nancy finally settled in Milan, Erie County, Ohio, USA where he made a living any which way he possible could! Samuel Edison was six six foot in height! Here was a man displaying  great bodily dynamisms about himself that flowed with a

personal character that he was promptly made a captain of the conformist martial rallying under the poster of Papineau and Mackenzie! In the early years of the United Kingdom's Queen Victoria's reign witnessed defer endeavours in Canada to put emphasis on the principle that there should be no taxation at all! Without any representation; this descendant of those whom had left the United States of America from the disapproval of such doctrines, decidedly and purposely flung himself headlong into its support! It has been said of Earl Durham, who pacified Canada at this time and established the present system of government, that Earl made a country and marred a career!




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