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United States Treasury!  

*1896 Experimented with the X-ray discovered by Roentgen in *1895, Developed the fluoroscope which invention Thomas Edison did not patent, choosing to leave it to public domain because of its universal need in medicine and surgery! *16th May 1896 applied for a patent on the first fluorescent electric lamp! This invention sprang directly from his work on the fluoroscope! The year *1900 marked the beginning of a ten-year period of work which resulted in the invention of the Edison nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery and its commercial introduction and the US Treasury a proposed amendment to the Federal Reserve Banking System!




*1901 Commenced construction on the Thomas Edison's cement plant at New Village, New Jersey, and started quarrying operations at nearby Oxford.  *1902 Worked on improving the Thomas Edison's copper oxide primary battery! *1907 Thomas Edison developed the universal electric motor for operating dictating machines on alternating or direct current! *1910 mark a four-year period of work on improving the disc phonograph!

Lighting and Power Distribution!

*1913 in this year Thomas Edison introduced the Kinetophone for talking motion pictures, after spending a great amount of time on its development! *13th October 1914 patent executed on electric safety lanterns which are used by miners for working lights! These minersí lamps have contributed in an important degree to the deduction of mine fatalities! Developed a process for the manufacture of synthetic carbolic acid! Designed a plant, and within a month was producing a ton a day to help overcome the acute shortage due to the World War! *9th December 1914 Edisonís great laboratory at West Orange, New Jersey, was destroyed by fire! *1914 Invented the Telescribe, combining the telephone and the dictating phonograph! *1915 Established plants for the manufacture of fundamental coal-tar derivatives vital to many industries! Edison's work in this field is recognised as having paved the way for the development of coal tar chemical industry in the United States today!

Congressional Medal of Honour!

*1915 Thomas Edison President of the Naval Consulting Board! At that time the late President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was Assistant Secretary of the Navy! *1923 Made a study of economic conditions, the result of which was published in a pamphlet *1924, when Thomas Edison presented to the Secretary a proposed amendment to the Federal Reserve Banking System! *20th October 1928,

Thomas Alva Edison was appropriately presented with the Congressional Medal of Honour by Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury! 21st October 1929 commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the incandescent lamp and in the presence of President Hoover, Henry Ford and other world leaders! Thomas Edison is seen re-enacting the making of the first practical incandescent lamp! 18th October 1931 he died at Llewellyn Park, West Orange, New Jersey at the age of eighty four! Don't go away folks for the Thomas Alva Edison chronicle doesn't end here! Stay put in your seat! The next articles on Thomas  Edison that follows, are quite explosive!




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