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Burdens Of The Edison Name

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Springfield, Massachusetts!

Thomas Edison Jnr had finally attained some statue of the importance he had yearned for, but alas it was not to be! Sadly on the 25th August 1935 Thomas Alva Edison Jnr. died under a concealed non-de-plume in a hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts! Although some Edison biographers contend that he committed suicide, others blame heart disease! The circumstances of his death are curious but there is no real substantiation that his death was self inflicted! Thomas A. Edison Jnr was travelling on his return from his brother Charles estate in Lake Sunapee, NH, on his way back to his home in East Orange, New Jersey! Young Thomas Edison Junior stopped off in Springfield along with his two compatriots, registering himself under the non-de-plume of J.J. Byrne, to avoid public percipience!



Purportedly, he was feeling ill long before his onset in Springfield ,Ohio! Young Thomas Jnr., compatriots obviously concerned about their friend had no hesitation in requesting for medical assistance! Thomas Alva Edison Jnr died. The doctor tried his utmost hardest to keep young Thomas Ed alive, but it was all in vain! The efforts that the doctor  had applied, couldn't save young Junior's life!

Dull And Depressed Existence!

Young Thomas died  peacefully a couple of hours after the doctor's  endeavour to revive him. The death certificate listed the cause of death as "Coronary Thrombosis, Pulmonary Edema Sudden death!" A tragic ending to a rather  dull and depressed existence! Whether there was actually anything sinister no one could decipher! Was there a cover up by the altruistic powers that be? It will never be known because these questions were never truly known and the debate will continues to brew in his life history story! Like so much of Thomas Edison Jnr's life, his death remains a mystery! Thomas Edison Jnr was born on the 10th January 1876 to Thomas Edison Snr., and  first wife Mary Stilwell! She died when Thomas Edison Junior was still in his infancy, aged 8 years old! Given the name of Thomas Alva Edison Jnr and with his mother dying when he could barely care  for himself, that was indeed quite an unfortunate experience him to deal with so early in his life!

Most Famous Name On Planet Earth!

The fact that his father was the most famous person in the world at the time of Junior's birth, only made matters worst for the young Thomas A. Edison Jnr! The story of Thomas Alva Edison Jnr is one of demise proportions, as in his early life his famous dad had barely the time for his namesake son! Was far too busy with his inventions! The burden laid upon young Thomas Alva Edison Jnr! was the fact that

everyone had high expectation him becoming the next great inventor taking over from where his father left off! Young Thomas A. Edison Jnr once wrote: "If my name was Joseph Smith, I would be indeed an extra ordinary rich man today!" While that boast is another sign of his tenuous bravado, you have to refer to the speculation of how fortunate his personal life might have been different if he hadn't been a son of the most famous individual in the world during the Victorian era! And in retrospect to be burdened with the name of Thomas Alva Edison Jnr, a name that was the most famous name on planet Earth in that era of time! It was a rather compelling name that young Thomas Edison Jnr found just too difficult to handle! 




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